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New Arena Is Completed!

SSVSC Members have free access to the new ring whenever there is not a scheduled event on the calendar. Train, or just ride for fun with plenty of room to let your horse go full-bore safely! Consider becoming a Member today!
And now your organization can rent the ring. Check out the Rentals page for more info!

Completed Renovation Projects...

  • New show arena and fencing 300' x 150'

  • Renovation of announcer's stand and maintenance garage

  • Exterior repainting

  • Renovated kitchen and clubhouse including kitchen and bathroom facilities

  • Repair and staining of pavilion picnic tables

  • Re-landscaping of grounds

  • New Signage

300' x 150' New Arena!

Entrance Cropped & Cloned.jpg
Completed Ring East View.png
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